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Timber Decking

Timber decking is easy to install, and can transform a garden space into an attractive useful area. Even though most timber decking products are pre-treated (Tanalised) for resistance against insects and fungus, additional protection should be applied to extend the life of the timber. Aidol HK Stain is a decorative preservative stain, specifically for outdoor use. Not only will Aidol HK Stain preserve your decking, but it can add colour and tone.

Aidol HK Stain is available in a range of colours. For best results, darker colours have better UV resistance, and will therefore last longer. “Clear”, “Hemlock” and “White” should only be used as a primer, or for internal use.

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Existing Timber Decking should be thorough cleaned prior to applying Aidol HK Stain. Ideally by power washing,  and if required sanding to expose sound timber, to achieve a good clean dry surface.

New decking should be clean and dry prior to application of Aidol HK Stain

First Coat – Should be liberally applied by soft brush to ensure that the Aidol HK Stain impregnates deep into the timber.

Second and Third Coat – The effectiveness of the Aidol HK Stain, ensures that the subsequent coats will “go further”, and should be spread evenly over the surface to achieve a uniform tone.

Aidol HK Stain, applied in 3 coats will have an expected life of up to 10 years. However, some fading may occur during that time, and additional “maintenance” coats can be applied as required. Always read the data sheet before commencing application.

Aidol HK Stain: