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Fillcoat and Fillcoat Fibres  are flexible all-weather (Except snow)  coatings for roofs,  gutters and non-walkable balconies.

Fillcoat and Fillcoat Fibres  can be applied by brush or roller, and is available in: Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Black, drying to a “satin” finish.

 Fillcoat Fibres contains additional fibres to assist in crack bridging etc. and is particularly suitable for deteriorated surfaces that are still sound but are known to leak. For large cracks, joints etc. locally applied reinforcement is recommended to be included in the first coat. Please see our  technical data sheet for more details.


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What Clients Say

“"As an amateur DIY person I tried Aqua Stop and I am very pleased with it. What is more, the instructions and email assistance from WaterproofingUK made me much more confident about using it. When they say prepare the surface properly before application they mean it, and it makes a big difference. It is worth the effort because it makes the application much easier and more effective......
.... So an excellent product backed up by excellent service
JB, Malaga, Spain