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  • Aqua-Repel Breathable Clear Water Repellent for Masonry - 5L

    “Used this on 12-year-old concrete patio slabs that had been pressure washed several times to remove dirt, algae and lichen. The surface itself was beginning to deteriorate so decided to put a sealant on them and used this product 18 months ago. Found it easy to apply, no mess, and, once dry, is undetectable (surface looks fully dry - no sign of wet look). When it rains, the patio continues looks dry with water forming droplets on the surface and running off. I've had no algae forming on the slabs since application and have pressure washed the patio to remove dirt and mud from the garden a couple of times without noticeably changing the water repellency, although I didn't go mad with the pressure washer. Just purchased some more for the paths around the house.”

    I Short, Aylesbury
  • For ten years my cellar walls (precast concrete, 2.4 metres high and all below ground level) have been damp or wet for most of the year. During long, hot summer periods the walls would almost dry out but where I live the water table is high (approx. 1.5 to 2 metres below ground level) with the added complication that an underground stream runs past the house so the ground never dries out. Having researched various brands (most are very expensive glorified paints) I decided to use Aqua-Stop. I applied Aqua-Stop in December and now, early February, my cellar walls are completely dry for the first time in ten years. Aqua-Stop works and I recommend it without reservation.

    Barry Page (Belgium).

    Barry Page
    B Page (Belgium)
  • I had a problem in my villa in Marbella where I have a 220 m² terrace set above 4 bedroom basement.When it rained I was getting water ingress through the bedroom ceilings in 8 different points.

    To lift the terrace and relay, I was quoted €22k.I spoke to Abacus who recommended Do It All.

    I wasn't totally convinced, but gave the terrace 2 coats during the summer paying particular attention to the grouting "cracks". Since then, I haven't had a problem, it was bone dry all last winter and I will continue to apply a coat as a preventative measure every year.

    Really does what it says on the tin.

  • "As an amateur DIY person I tried Aqua Stop and I am very pleased with it. What is more, the instructions and email assistance from WaterproofingUK made me much more confident about using it. When they say prepare the surface properly before application they mean it, and it makes a big difference. It is worth the effort because it makes the application much easier and more effective......
    .... So an excellent product backed up by excellent service

    Malaga, Spain
  • This report has been written after a trial period when considerable rainfall has taken place. I am now satisfied the problem is solved.

    Racks can now be erected along the East wall for spares and tools, while a workbench will be constructed along the North. This would not have previously been practicable.

    The total cost of the above treatment was £6.25/ sq. metre.

    Jim Hamilton
  • Parcel received today approx. 09.30

    Super service, super delivery.

    Thank you

    Nick Fairs
  • We purchased your products in order to cure an ongoing damp problem in our property in France. It was so easy to use, and we are pleased with the results.

    We initially contacted Aquaseal Europe, we were promptly contacted by their UK distributor Abacus Construction Products, who were helpful, with both advice and an efficient service. We would certainly use you again.

    R. H.
  • Hello Philip

    I just wanted to say what wonderful products both Aquastop and Do-it-All are!

    They have got me out of trouble so many times and done what a succession of professional damp proofers have struggled to do.

    My classic Jaguar now has a totally damp free environment to live in due to both these products. If a new leak started I would just reach for the Do-it-All and sure enough it would slowly stop. I would even rub neat, dry Aquastop into suspect holes and cracks and that did the trick too.

    Quite simply they are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who has a seamingly impossible damp situation to sort out.

    Many thanks for a great service.

  • Hi I bought your Aqua-Stop waterproofing product which was wonderful.
    I wonder, have you a product that........

  • Project: Sealing a tiled balcony in Bulgaria

    Hello Philip

    I don't know if you remember me from last year I phoned you about our property in Bulgaria and about the water leaking through our tiles on the balcony into the kitchen.

    You kindly phoned me back and explained what the Sealer was and how to use it. So we bought it to take to Bulgaria. The fact that you gave us the documentation to fly with the product was a major help.

    I wanted to update you. My husband painted the whole of the balcony with the sealer. He reported back that the tiles looked fantastic after he applied the sealer. So we had to wait for a Bulgarian winter. We took the decision to re plaster the ceiling in the kitchen and there is not a mark of a leak anywhere. The sealer has done a fantastic job. It has now gone through a Hot Bulgarian Summer and a very Cold Bulgarian winter.

    We will be buying more from you as we have just had the lower walls on the outside of the house tiled in stone. My husband said it should look fantastic when coated with the sealer and ensure it is totally water resistant.

    Great product and thank you for your help as I was surprised that following my phone query when i was advised that someone would phone back. Someone actually did phone back and gave me some great advice.

    Thanks again when i go this year I will send you some pictures of the balcony.

    Oldham, Lancashire
  • Thanks for all your advice and help, we applied the Aqua-stop to my new garage walls and floor and the water just stopped coming in. The appearance is pleasing also and the finish is resilient as well.

    A great product.

    T. E.
  • Just a quick note to say the goods arrived at 12:20hrs (C.E.T.) in
    perfect condition. Thank you for a first class service.

    Your product knowledge, customer service and speed of delivery are
    beyond compare. I think you could make a fortune giving other
    companies lessons in how to conduct themselves.

    Many thanks,

    Tom Taylor