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Cleaning and Sealing Patios, Driveways and Balconies


Cleaning patios driveways and paths, not only enhances the appearance, but also makes them safer. Damp soiling, moss and algae can be a serious slip hazard. Cleaning patios with Echo Chem Patio and Paving Cleaner which is bio degradable is easy to apply and safe to use:

  • Simply dilute as required 
  • Apply with a watering can,
  • Agitate with a stiff broom to dislodge heavy soiling
  • Allow the product to react, ensuring that the surface doesn't dry
  • Clean patio with either with a hose and broom, or for best results, a high pressure jetter.

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Moss and algae can be both removed and prevented using Echo-Chem Multi-Surface Algae Remover. Two applications are recommended, the first application to remove existing growth, and the second following patio cleaning, applied as a preventive.

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Cleaning and sealing driveways and patios, prevents further moisture and dirt penetration, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

During application, DO-IT-ALL penetrates cracks and joints, binding aggregates, and sealing minor cracks. This makes DO-IT-ALL particularly suitable for block pavior drives and paths etc. During application, DO-IT-ALL should be applied in sufficient quantity to penetrate the joints, and by doing so, binding the jointing sand. Binding of the jointing sand resists its removal by flushing out during subsequent cleaning processes.

DO-IT-ALL has been used to seal walls floors and roofs. 

In particular, many customers have found it particularly effective in sealing tiled balconies sited over residential areas.

"I wanted to update you. My husband painted the whole of the balcony with the sealer. He reported back that the tiles looked fantastic after he applied the sealer. So we had to wait for a Bulgarian winter. We took the decision to re plaster the ceiling in the kitchen and there is not a mark of a leak anywhere. The sealer has done a fantastic job. It has now gone through a Hot Bulgarian Summer and a very Cold Bulgarian winter."

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DO-IT-ALL can also be applied over painted surfaces. Some masonry paints are not effective against heavy rain, or long term exposure to rain. DO-IT-ALL can be applied over the masonry coating to provide protection against water penetration. DO-IT-ALL dries to a clear tough finish, and with added fungicide, will resist moss and algal growth.

Cleaning prior to applying DO-IT-ALL  to seal driveways and patios can be done using : Eco-Chem Patio and Paving Cleaner, and if required: Eco-Chem Algae and Moss Remover.
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ProJoint Resin Jointing System is a very advanced but simple to use solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for all types of natural stone and concrete paving on pedestrian and vehicular areas up to 3.5 tonnes. 


The single component PU resin is mixed with the sand in the kit and applied to paving using either a brush or squeegee. It offers a long prcoessing time which makes it especially suited for paving with narrow joints and for use in hot weather. Shower resistant. It forms a UV stable, strong, weed free, frost and pressure washer resistant joint.
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What Clients Say

“Aqua-Repel Breathable Clear Water Repellent for Masonry - 5L

“Used this on 12-year-old concrete patio slabs that had been pressure washed several times to remove dirt, algae and lichen. The surface itself was beginning to deteriorate so decided to put a sealant on them and used this product 18 months ago. Found it easy to apply, no mess, and, once dry, is undetectable (surface looks fully dry - no sign of wet look). When it rains, the patio continues looks dry with water forming droplets on the surface and running off. I've had no algae forming on the slabs since application and have pressure washed the patio to remove dirt and mud from the garden a couple of times without noticeably changing the water repellency, although I didn't go mad with the pressure washer. Just purchased some more for the paths around the house.”
Aqua-Repel, I Short, Aylesbury