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About Us

With over 30 years experience of waterproofing walls, waterproofing balconies, waterproofing cellars and basements, we are pleased to freely give advice on how to protect your home. If we haven’t got the right product for you, we will tell you where to find it if we can.

Our aim is to supply easy to use, reliable products for waterproofing walls and lots more, as speedily and as efficiently as we can. Over 90% of our orders are delivered on the next working day. Customers also have the comfort of knowing that they can call us for advice about waterproofing at any time Monday to Friday 09.00 am – 6.00 pm.

“Your product knowledge, customer service and speed of delivery are
beyond compare.  T Taylor Dec 2009

Goods are distributed throughout the UK. Overseas delivery is also available, please ask for a quotation.

“ an excellent product backed up by excellent service.”JB Malaga, Spain  Mar 2013.

Why Choose Us?

  • Hi Quality  - Products that get the job done.
  • Prompt Service – More than 90% of orders are received on the next working day. (UK only).
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use – No special equipment or training necessary, whether you are waterproofing walls, waterproofing, balconies, waterproofing cellars and basements.
  • Safe – Our most popular products are non-hazardous.

What Clients Say

“Project: Sealing a tiled balcony in Bulgaria

Hello Philip

I don't know if you remember me from last year I phoned you about our property in Bulgaria and about the water leaking through our tiles on the balcony into the kitchen.

You kindly phoned me back and explained what the Sealer was and how to use it. So we bought it to take to Bulgaria. The fact that you gave us the documentation to fly with the product was a major help.

I wanted to update you. My husband painted the whole of the balcony with the sealer. He reported back that the tiles looked fantastic after he applied the sealer. So we had to wait for a Bulgarian winter. We took the decision to re plaster the ceiling in the kitchen and there is not a mark of a leak anywhere. The sealer has done a fantastic job. It has now gone through a Hot Bulgarian Summer and a very Cold Bulgarian winter.

We will be buying more from you as we have just had the lower walls on the outside of the house tiled in stone. My husband said it should look fantastic when coated with the sealer and ensure it is totally water resistant.

Great product and thank you for your help as I was surprised that following my phone query when i was advised that someone would phone back. Someone actually did phone back and gave me some great advice.

Thanks again when i go this year I will send you some pictures of the balcony.

SKA, Oldham, Lancashire