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Protection against fire

Fire retardants are an essential component of most modern timber structures.


HR Prof is a water based, easy to apply, fire retardant and conforms to most building requirements, including UK Class O BS 476: Part 6 & BS 476: Part 7 for surface spread of flame.

What Clients Say

“For ten years my cellar walls (precast concrete, 2.4 metres high and all below ground level) have been damp or wet for most of the year. During long, hot summer periods the walls would almost dry out but where I live the water table is high (approx. 1.5 to 2 metres below ground level) with the added complication that an underground stream runs past the house so the ground never dries out. Having researched various brands (most are very expensive glorified paints) I decided to use Aqua-Stop. I applied Aqua-Stop in December and now, early February, my cellar walls are completely dry for the first time in ten years. Aqua-Stop works and I recommend it without reservation.

Barry Page (Belgium).
Barry Page, B Page (Belgium)