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Waterproof Masonry Coatings


To protect the building, a waterproof masonry coating should protect the fabric of the building from the adverse effects of the weather as well as being decorative.


As with all good decorative practice the long term performance is dependent on both the waterproof masonry coating, and good preparation. Walls must be free of surface contamination such as salt and dirt. Previously unpainted or absorbent surfaces should be primed.


 Murfill Waterproofing Coating has both durability and flexibility, and as such is long lasting and crack bridging. Murfill is applied thicker than conventional coatings to give the qualities required of a waterproof masonry coating.

What Clients Say

“This report has been written after a trial period when considerable rainfall has taken place. I am now satisfied the problem is solved.

Racks can now be erected along the East wall for spares and tools, while a workbench will be constructed along the North. This would not have previously been practicable.

The total cost of the above treatment was £6.25/ sq. metre.
Jim Hamilton, Dunbartonshire