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Rising Damp/Failing DPC

IDPC Injection Cream is easy to install without the need for specialist equipment or professional help.
Simply drill 12mm holes every 100 mm along the line to be injected and clear out the dust prior to injection.

Injection of the DPC Injection Cream can be done with either a mastic injection gun, or with a modified garden sprayer (cut off the spray tip).

30 Year Guarantee - A 30 year insurance backed guarantee is available for this product subject to conditions. Please contact us for further information.

What Clients Say

“This report has been written after a trial period when considerable rainfall has taken place. I am now satisfied the problem is solved.

Racks can now be erected along the East wall for spares and tools, while a workbench will be constructed along the North. This would not have previously been practicable.

The total cost of the above treatment was £6.25/ sq. metre.
Jim Hamilton, Dunbartonshire